Tune Book

The tune book is primarily for the Green Man session as this is a steady-speed event aimed at beginner/intermediate players, however you’ll still hear many of these tunes being played at the Wheaty session too so it will stand you in good stead for both.

An ABC version is available here – abc is  a free and easy to use method for storing and sharing tune notation.  It is more portable than paper and kinder to trees too so please take a look at our ABC guide and if you’re stuck – ask for help.

As we are so keen on trees and not at all keen on unnecessary printing the original tunebook has all tunes arranged alphabetically and subsequent additions – mainly tunes of the month – are provided as single sheets,  so if you really, really want to print it you can just add each tune to your own book as we add them to the list.

Here’s our tune book from March 2018,  tunes of the month will be added individually.  Some users have commented there is no index and no page numbers – this is intentional. While we would encourage you to use ABC wherever possible to save the poor trees if you really must print out the tunes this way involves less paper and just a little more sorting from you. The starter tune book is already alphabetical so all you have to do each month from now on is print off one page and sort it into the book yourself.