September 2019 – The Tars of The Victory

A tune I learnt a long time ago but forgot about until recently – this tune came to me via the playing and teaching of Ed Rennie waaaaaaaay back when I first picked up the squeezebox. Ed and I will be teaching absolute beginners melodeon at Towersey which is what brought it back to mind – anyway, ’tis a jolly little tune which seems to fit in well with the Green Man Sessions repertoire.

Let’s get this session season off with a bang, folks.

I will record and upload a melodeon version over the next few days, but in the meantime here it is a Regency dance tune.

The Tars of the Victory

T:Tars of the Victory
d|"D"d^cd d^cd|"G"g2G GAB|"C"ABc "D"DEF|"G"G2B d2d|
"D"d^cd d^cd|g2G GAB|ABc DEF|G3 G2:|
|:g|"C"fed "G"d2c|"G"Bcd G2B|"D"ABc DEF|"G"G2B d2g|
"C"fed "D"d2c|"G"Bcd G2B|"D"ABc DEF|"G"G3G2:|

As ever the master abc file can be downloaded from Dropbox (no login needed) and is updated and re-indexed as each tune is added.