October 2021 – Grimstock

Grimstock, or ‘Grimftock’ as the image above would have it, is taken from the first edition of Playford’s ‘Dancing Master’ 1651. A nice little tune to ease us back into face to face sessions.

Here’s a quick run through for reference, beginning with melody only and then adding some chords. As ever the chords given are merely a serving suggestion.

There are plenty of videos of the dance available online including some with some seriously impressive ‘olde English’ costumes – this one’s rather jolly though. Finally, and for other reason than I am a big fan, here’s a version from John Spiers


"G"g2f g2d | "C"e>fg "D"f2d |"G"B>cd "D"e2d | "D"cdB A2"G"G |
"G"g2f g2d | "C"e>fg "D"f2d | B>cd "C"e2d | "D"c>BA "G"G3 |
|: "G"GGA BGA | "Em"BGA "C"BGA |"G"GGA "Em"BGA | "C"BGA "G"G3 :|

As ever, all our tunes are available in a single abc file available for download.