October 2019 – The Spirit of the Dance

A tune from the Hook/Hardy manuscript of Dorset tunes – this tune is taken from a manuscript of tunes given to the grandfather of Dorset novelist Thomas Hardy by one James Hook, the manuscript is believed to have originated from Hook’s father – either way there’s certainly some history to this one.
This tune goes well with Wheaty session favourite ‘Paddy Carey’s Jig’ and was popularised by Andy Cutting and Chris Wood – which gives me an excuse to share this gem from the archives.

Maybe we can try both tunes out together in the Wheaty later in the month?

As ever the chords given are merely a suggestion.

Spirit of the Dance

X: 1
T: The Spirit Of The Dance
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
R: jig
S: No 5 in the Thomas Hardy/James Hook ms, Dorset County Museum
"G"G2D "C"E2D|"G"G2D "C"E2D|"G"GAB "C"c2B|A2 G "D"FED|
"G"G2D "C"E2D|"G"G2D "C"E2D|"G"GAB "C"c2 B|"D"AGF "G"G3:|
|:GAB "C"c3| "G"B3"D"A3| ABc "D"d3| "C"c3 "G"B3|
GAB "C"c3| "G" B3 "D" A3| "D"Bcd "G"BAG| "C"B2 "D"A "G" G3 :|