June 2019 – bonus tune – The Black Nag

Published in Playford’s Dancing Master, and commonly used for a dance of the same name this tune was requested by some of our session regulars after it was used as the tune for a solo jig by a certain local morris side.

Here’s a video of the Playford Dance plucked randomly from YouTube.

In contrast here’s what our local morris side, Ewell St. Mary’s Morris Men did with the tune – eagle-eyed session regulars will recognise both dancer and musician.

The Black Nag

T:The Black Nag
B, |\
"Em"E2E "D"F2F | "C"G2G "B"AGA | "Em"BAG "B"FGF | "Em" E3-E2 :|
|: E |\
"Bm"FDB, FDB, | "Bm"FDB, FDB, | "Em"BGE BGE | "Em"BGE BGE |
"Bm"FDB, FDB, | "Bm"FDB, FGA | "Em"BAG "B"FGF | "Em"E3-E2 :|