February 2020 – Foul Weather Call

Foul Weather Call – a tune found in the manuscript of the Welch family of Bosham in West Sussex. The manuscript dates from 1800 although it was added to in subsequent years. This might be a predictable choice for February (OK, it is) but this is a lovely tune – and as it’s often heard in sessions up and down the whole year through it’s a great choice for our tunebook

Here’s a lovely version from Owen Woods – the entire album is a gem and well worth checking out if you don’t already have a copy.

Foul Weather Call

T: Foul Weather Call
C: Welch MS
K: D
|: a2 | "Am"gfed e2a2|"Em"gfed "(D)"dc"Am"BA|"D"d2A2"G"BcdB|"Em"g2f2"Am"e4|
"Am"gfed e2a2|"Em"gfed "(D)"dc"Am"BA|"D"d2A2 "G"BcdG|1"Am"F2E2"D"D2:|2"Am"F2E2"D"D4 ||
|:"\Em"GFED "Am (D)"A2A2|"G"Bcde "(D)"dc"Am"BA|"D"d2A2"G"BcdB|"Em"g2f2"Am"e4|
"Am"gfed e2a2|"Em"gfed "(D)"dc"Am"BA|"D"d2A2 "G"BcdG|"Am"F2E2"D"D4:|