February 2019 – ‘Valentine’

Valentine – certainly a Cotswold morris tune but not as is often believed from Fieldtown (Leafield). The tune was actually collected from nearby Ascott-Under-Wychwood. The Ascott-Under-Wychwood morris tradition did not survive the First World War and today the tune is almost universally used for the Fieldtown dance although other variants exist.

Here’s an example – White Rose Morris dance The Valentine.

And and extra bonus – the tune turned into a song from the wonderful Jim Moray’s ‘Low Culture’ album.

Happy playing folks.

Valentine pdf

T:Valentine - Field Town 
d|"G"gfe "C"ede|"D"edc "Am"cBc|"B"dBg "G"dBG|"C/Am"FAA A2 d|
"G"gfe "C"ede|"D"edc "Am"cBc|"B"dBG "C"DAF|"G"GGG G||
Bc|"G"ded "B"dBd|"G"BGG GAB|"C"cAc "G"BGB|"C"FAA ABc|
"G"ded "B"dBd|"G"BGG G2 d|"C"efg "B"dBd|"G"BGG G:||