December 2019 – Drive the Cold Winter Away

The latest of our attempts to find a tune that’s appropriately wintry but not so Christmassy that it’ll sound distinctly odd in May, here’s ‘Drive the Cold Winter Away’. An Elizabethan Carol and, under the name ‘When Phoebus Did Rest’ the tune for a Playford dance and now the Ewell Sessions Tune of the Month for December 2019. Wassail!

X: 38
T:Drive The Cold Winter Away
|:E| G>FE B2 e|d>cB g2 G|A2 B c>dc|B3 B2 E|
G>FE B2 c|d>cB g2 G|A2 B c>dc|B3 B2:|
|:e|d>cB d2 d|c>BA c2 c|B>AG F2 E|g3 g2 e|
d>cB d2 d|c>BA c2 c|B>AG F>EF|E3 E2:|

For those so inclined, there’s more about the tune here and just for fun here’s a couple of very different versions from YouTube.

Beautiful vocal harmonies from Coope, Boyes and Simpson

… and a modern interpretation from Stick in the Wheel

As usual, the complete ABC file for all our tunes is available for download