December 2018 – Personent Hodie

December’s tune of the month – as a result of our poll on Facebook we have come up with this one – you guys voted to learn a tune that’s Christmassy but that we can also play at other times of the year – in  other words a tune with more mileage that just December.

Personent Hodie – a medieval carol, still used today in both religious and secular settings. Most of you will probably have heard the tune – now it’s time to play it.

Personent Hodie

X: 1
T: Personent Hodie
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
E2E2 B4|A2A2 B4|B2B2 e4|c2d2 B4|
A2B2 d4|A2B2 G4|F2E2 F2D2|E4 E4|F2G2 A2D2|E4 E4||
F2G2 A4|A4 A4|G2A2 B4|B4 B4|
F2G2 A4|G2F2 E4|F2E2 E2D2|E4 E4-|E8:|