April 2020 – Smash the Windows

Smash the Windows – or Roaring Jelly. The tune of month for our April isolation session. A jolly little jig to keep you busy and away from watching the news too much. As ever the chords shown are merely a serving suggestion.

The April session will be a Zoom meet up – as much a social and a check-in to say ‘hi’ and make sure we’re all doing OK. Stay safe session buddies.

Here’s a slow and steady run through of the tune for learning, and the whole tune a little bit faster.

Smash the Windows

T:Smash the Windows
|A|”D”DED F2A|”D”d2f “Am”ecA|”G”G2B “D”F2A|”Em”E2F “Am”GFE|
“D”DED F2A|”Bm”d2f “Am”ecA|”G”Bgf “Am”edc|”D”d3 d2:|
|f/2g/2|”D”a2f d2f|”D”A2a agf|”Em”g2e c2e|”Am”A2g gfe|
“D”f2d “Am”g2e|”D”a2f “G”bag|”D”fed “Am”edc|”D”d3 d2:|