April 2019 – Bacca Pipes

Bacca Pipes – also sometimes known as ‘Greensleeves’. A lively jig used for the English jig of the same dance in which clay pipes are laid on the ground for the dancers to dance around and over. A deceptively simple tune, the key to this is the zip and drive you put into it.

To give you an idea of how this is danced, and there are many variants in existence,  here’s the Outside Capering Crew dancing at Hastings Jack in the Green Festival, and an Australian take on the tradition from Hedgemonkey Morris.

Bacca Pipes

L: 1/8
K: Ador
|: "Am"c3 c2e | "G"d2c B3 | "Am"c2B A3 | "G"B2A G3 \
|  "Am"c3 c2e | "G"d2c B3 | "Am"c2A "G"B2G | "Am"A3 A3 :|
|: "C"g2f g2e | "G"d2B G3 | "C"g2f g2e | "D"a2f d3 \
|  "C"g2f g2e | "G"d2c B3 | "Am"c2A "G"B2G | "Am"A3 A3 :|