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To receive notifications informing you of forthcoming stargazing events simply register your name and email address with our website. Your details will be kept secure and will not be passed on to anyone.

Search locations

When you register you may optionally enter your postcode and maximum preferred travel distance which will be used to identify stargazing events in your local area. In addition to this you can also include specific regions and locations by browsing this website and adding relevant places to your favourites. To do this once you have registered click the region links at the bottom of this page and look for the “add to favourites” box. When you add a region to your favourites this automatically adds all of the individual locations within it. Add specific locations using the same method.

New moon notifications

These notifications are sent approximately once per month a few days before the next new moon period starts — during this period the skies will be at their darkest and therefore the best time to stargaze. The email will summarise forthcoming stargazing events within your travel distance or in your favourite locations and regions.

Clear sky notifications

These are sent first thing every morning and include stargazing events scheduled over the coming days where the weather forecast is good and the location is within your travel distance or favourites.


Once you have registered you can change your settings at any time including choosing which alerts you receive or disabling notifications completely. This can be done by accessing your profile page.


Due to the pandemic and the cancellation or postponement of events our notification service is currently switched off… We will switch it back on when the lockdown is over and things start returning to normal. Please do register your details in the meantime, we will all be stargazing again soon!

Not heard from us?

If we don’t find any events for you we won’t send you any notifications! Try increasing your preferred distance or perhaps add some regions / locations to your favourites. If you’re stuck please feel free to contact us.

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