Ewell Dance

Here in Surrey we are lucky to have a wealth of traditional dance teams and Ewell has it’s fair share for such a teeny-weeny place:

Founded waaaaaay back in 1979 the incomparable Ewell St. Mary’s Morris Men have been dancing ever since.   ESMMM dance in the Cotswold morris style They are a big part of the village community and can be seen at various events locally and further afield.    Check out their website for more details to find out how to join this jolly bunch.

Also to be found here in the village are the fabulous Phoenix Clog, specialising in the North West style of morris. In this style of Morris, the dancers wear clogs, for the dances have their origins in the Lancashire and Cheshire areas and date from a time when clogs were the normal footwear. The percussive sound of the clogs hitting the floor during our dances adds a distinctive cadence to this style of Morris dancing.  Phoenix are a mixed team and very welcoming to new dancers and musicians.

And finally, the new kids on the block – Green Man Sword,  dancing rapper and longsword dances . Chances are you didn’t even know this stuff existed, right?  Well don’t let that stop you,  come along and see what we do and try this exciting style of traditional dance.

Green Man Sword practice on a Tuesday, Phoenix Clog on a Wednesday and Ewell St. Mary’s Morris Men on a Thursday – enough to keep anyone busy.