April 2019 – Bacca Pipes

Bacca Pipes – also sometimes known as ‘Greensleeves’. A lively jig used for the English jig of the same dance in which clay pipes are laid on the ground for the dancers to dance around and over. A deceptively simple tune, the key to this is the zip and drive you put into it.

To give you an idea of how this is danced, and there are many variants in existence,  here’s the Outside Capering Crew dancing at Hastings Jack in the Green Festival, and an Australian take on the tradition from Hedgemonkey Morris.

Bacca Pipes

L: 1/8
K: Ador
|: "Am"c3 c2e | "G"d2c B3 | "Am"c2B A3 | "G"B2A G3 \
|  "Am"c3 c2e | "G"d2c B3 | "Am"c2A "G"B2G | "Am"A3 A3 :|
|: "C"g2f g2e | "G"d2B G3 | "C"g2f g2e | "D"a2f d3 \
|  "C"g2f g2e | "G"d2c B3 | "Am"c2A "G"B2G | "Am"A3 A3 :|

March 2019- Will’s Way

This month we will be playing ‘Will’s Way’ to add to our steady-speed repertoire. This is a modern English tune written by Will Ward, sometime member of the Oysterband and Fiddler’s Dram. Fidder’s Dram enjoyed something of a smash hit in the ’70s with their record ‘Day Trip to Bangor’ – enjoy the earworm folks.

I’ve had a special request to include my chords with this one for a fellow melodeon player – here they are but, as ever, these chords are merely a serving suggestion.  Enjoy learning this one and we’ll see you at the Green Man and play it through together.

T: Will's Way
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
"D"DEFG A2 A2 | "G"BA B2 "D"A4 | DEFG A2 B2 | "C"c2 B2 B2 A2 |
"D"DEFG A2 A2 | "G"BA B2 "D"A4 | DEFG "A"F2 E2 | "D"D4 D4 :|
"D"d2 A2 AG F2 | d2 A2 A2 F2 | DEFG A2 B2 | "C"c2 B2 B2 A2 |
"D"d2 A2 AG F2 | d2 A2 A2 F2 | DEFG "A"F2 E2 | "D"D4 D4 :|


Will’s Way

February 2019 – ‘Valentine’

Valentine – certainly a Cotswold morris tune but not as is often believed from Fieldtown (Leafield). The tune was actually collected from nearby Ascott-Under-Wychwood. The Ascott-Under-Wychwood morris tradition did not survive the First World War and today the tune is almost universally used for the Fieldtown dance although other variants exist.

Here’s an example – White Rose Morris dance The Valentine.

And and extra bonus – the tune turned into a song from the wonderful Jim Moray’s ‘Low Culture’ album.

Happy playing folks.

Valentine pdf

T:Valentine - Field Town 
d|"G"gfe "C"ede|"D"edc "Am"cBc|"B"dBg "G"dBG|"C/Am"FAA A2 d|
"G"gfe "C"ede|"D"edc "Am"cBc|"B"dBG "C"DAF|"G"GGG G||
Bc|"G"ded "B"dBd|"G"BGG GAB|"C"cAc "G"BGB|"C"FAA ABc|
"G"ded "B"dBd|"G"BGG G2 d|"C"efg "B"dBd|"G"BGG G:||

December 2018 – Personent Hodie

December’s tune of the month – as a result of our poll on Facebook we have come up with this one – you guys voted to learn a tune that’s Christmassy but that we can also play at other times of the year – in  other words a tune with more mileage that just December.

Personent Hodie – a medieval carol, still used today in both religious and secular settings. Most of you will probably have heard the tune – now it’s time to play it.

Personent Hodie

X: 1
T: Personent Hodie
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
E2E2 B4|A2A2 B4|B2B2 e4|c2d2 B4|
A2B2 d4|A2B2 G4|F2E2 F2D2|E4 E4|F2G2 A2D2|E4 E4||
F2G2 A4|A4 A4|G2A2 B4|B4 B4|
F2G2 A4|G2F2 E4|F2E2 E2D2|E4 E4-|E8:|

November 2018 – ‘Four Up’

Written by  Barry Goodman for the Outside Capering Crew this tune has become a staple in English tune sessions as well as among Border morris teams

Four Up

T:Four Up
C: Barry Goodman
"Em"E2 EF "C"G2 GA|"Em"BA GB-BA GB|"D"AF AB AG FA|"C"G2 "D"F2 "Em"E2 "D"D2|
"Em"E2 EF "C"G2 GA|"Em"BA GB-BA GB|"D"AF AB AG FA|"C"G2 "D"F2 "Em"E4:|
"C"c2 c2 c2 A2|"G"B2 Bc BA G2|"D" A2 ABAG F2| "G"GABc "B"d2 B2|
"C"c2 c2 c2 A2|"G"B2 Bc BA G2|"D" A2 ABAG F2|"C" G2 "D"F2 [1 "Em"E2 D2 :| [2 E4 |


October 2018 – ‘New Road To Alston’

New Road To Alston – from a Northumbrian Piper’s Manual of about 1816 and featured in Frank Kidston’s ‘Old English Country Dances’ of 1896. Made famous by Blowzabella.  

New Road To Alston

X: 1
T: New Road To Alston
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
A3B c2c2|AGAB c2c2|edcB A2Ae|dcBA BAG2|
A3B c2c2|AGAB c2c2|e2ef edcB|ABAG A2A2:|
|:e2e2 c2ce|a2a2 e2ef|edcB A2Ae|dcBA BAG2|
e2e2 c2ce|a2a2 e2e2|e2ef edcB|ABAG A2A2:|

September 2018 – ‘Hunt the Squirrel’

This month’s tune is ‘Hunt the Squirrel’, a tune that can be found in early editions of Playford’s ‘The Dancing Master’ and is often credited as originating from Sussex.  Here it is played for teaching by the master of melodeon Andy Cutting: hunt the squirrel

Hunt the Squirrel

T:Hunt the Squirrel
O:Sussex England
G2d d2e|d3B3|GAB A2G|GAB A2G|G2d d2e|d3B3|GAB A2G|G3-G3:|
|:c2d edc|c2d edc|c2d e2f|g3-g fe|dB2 dB2|dB d3|GAB A2G|G3-G3:|